Guernsey’s Rural Occupational Workshop (GROW), the first in the Channel Islands, was founded by the Guernsey Society for the Mentally Handicapped (now Guernsey Mencap LBG) and officially opened by the then Bailiff Sir Charles Frossard on the 14th July 1984. GROW is owned by a company (GROW Limited) that is registered as a Guernsey charity – CH 147, the shares in which are in turn wholly owned by Guernsey Mencap LBG. Our function is to provide training and a sheltered work environment in horticulture for people with learning disabilities.

GROW is partially funded by the States of Guernsey through a service level agreement with the Committee for Employment and Social Security to provide training, employment and occupation for people with learning disabilities. The main source of our income is obtained from the sale of plants and produce, a garden maintenance service and the refurbishment of garden furniture. We also rely heavily on donations to support the ever increasing cost of running the GROW operation, and to ensure that our service users have the very best working environment.

The company is administered  by a Board of Directors and has a Management Team who run the day to day operation of the business.  The Directors are drawn from various interests on the island and meet regularly to formulate policy, review resources and monitor progress of the business.  Various departments within the States of Guernsey provide guidance and assistance with training and growing.

Please see the attached document to see our funding model